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  • Centre/SIS + Openbiblio

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  • Centre/SIS - Software-as-a-Service (Warren Woods)

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  • Centre/SIS - State Reports - Discipline

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  • Custom Export - Grades

    $500.00 USD One Time
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  • Avance - Food Service

    • Hosting of existing data & Food Service w/ kiosk
    $375.00/3 mo
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  • Centre/SIS Software-as-a-Service for TIU11

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  • SMIC Bejing Private School

    • Centre/SIS, Moodle, Mahara implementation
    $8000.00 Setup Fee
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  • Centre/SIS - St. Michael's Software-as-a-Service

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  • Genesis Alternative School

    • Centre/SIS Software-as-a-Service, including Discipline Pro
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